Toy Shop Restorations
Who We Are

Mission Statement
Res-to-ra-tion ( res' to ra' shun ) n. : a putting or bringing back into a formal, normal, or unimpaired state or condition. -- Syn. revival, healing, remaking, renovation, renewal, rejuvenation, rebuilding, The Toy Shop.

Company History

The Toy Shop's humble beginnings can be traced back to its roots in a one car garage in Imperial Beach in 1972. It was there, while attending college, that Terry Cowan began to maintain and restore British and European sportscars.

In 1975, foregoing a potential career in television engineering, Terry instead pursued his automotive dream and The Toy Shop officially opened its garage doors to the public. Over the ensuing years Terry plied the tools of his trade and developed a reputation as the person to see for British sportscar expertise. Throughout this time he has been an active supporter and participant in San Diego sportscar activities including personal membership in the Austin-Healey Club of San Diego, the Vintage Automobile Racing Association (VARA), and a founding member of the Historic Racing Group (HRG).

As the Toy Shop's following grew, Terry continually strived to refine the restoration process in an effort to improve the quality of the finished automobile while reducing the project duration. The Toy Shop's small team of knowledgeable and meticulous craftsmen share Terry's love of vintage automobiles, and combine over seventy-five years of automobile experience in making dreams come true. Their ability to perform magic transforms boxes of parts into show quality cars.

Our Team
  • Terry Cowan - The Owner. Our fearless leader, resident expert, and guru. Lifelong Healey afficionado and vintage racer.
  • Rick Snover - CIO. Computer geek and vintage racer.

Our restorations routinely win at local and regional car shows:

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Rick's Speedwell Sprite took third place among "Racecars thru 1974" at the 1999 National City Automobile Heritage Day show.

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1960 Morgan +4, Best In Class at British Car Days, 1998

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1957 AC Bristol, Best In Class at British Car Days, 1997

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1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II, Best of Show at the Heritage Day Concourse, 1996

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1958 MG A (restored c. 1990)

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Terry's own 1956 Austin-Healey 100M Factory LeMans has won numerous awards.